The Other Justin Moore » BIOGRAPHY

Justin Moore was born in a hospital less than a mile from the heart of the Dallas music scene, Deep Ellum.  An arts and entertainment district, rich with culture, history and a history of live music spawning almost an entire century.  It wouldn’t become clear, until several decades after the inception of Deep Ellum, to Justin that music was going to be something he pursued very seriously.  “I became fascinated with music and started buying records at an early age.  That evolved into playing drums, guitar and eventually writing songs” explains Moore.  Early in high school Justin got a guitar and a drum kit around the same time. Living at home, “I played the drums as much as I could and would play the guitar until it would go out of tune.  The guitar would sit there collecting dust until someone came over who knew how to tune it.”

Midway through college in San Marcos, TX, Justin converted his garage into a rehearsal space.  “I played drums with a few guys, but no one was writing songs and I wasn’t really into jamming, so that never went anywhere.”  He then decided to form a band with some friends, but this time he was playing guitar.  “The band was called Rooftop Remedy.  We played 5 shows in about 2 months, and then I severly sprained my ankle. It ended the band, but I credit that injury with learning to play guitar. I was immobilized and confined to my house.  I sat on the couch with my foot propped up, taking painkillers and playing the guitar non-stop for about six weeks.  In that short time I went from being a total hack to becoming somewhat of a proficient player.” The band was no longer, but the playing continued.  My buddies and I were always hanging out and would inevitably end up at my place late night.  I’d get out the guitar and start piecing together these really simple dreary parts of songs, and I really liked what I was coming up with and I loved the writing aspect.”  These songs would eventually come to be part of Justin’s catalog of tunes for his first band, Frill.